certificeret statiker

Første certificerede statiker fejres hos KI

Sandra Myrtue News

Fra januar 2020 blev den kommunale tekniske byggesagsbehandling erstattet af den nye statikercertificeringsordning, hvilket betyder at den tekniske byggesagsbehandling for bærende konstruktioner nu varetages i det private af certificerede statikere. Hos KI kan vi nu …

engineering study trip iceland

Engineers on study trip to Iceland

Sandra Myrtue News

For a few days, we turned off the computers and shut down the office for the whole company to go on a study trip to Iceland. The purpose of the trip was both to strengthen …

A year of engineering

Sandra Myrtue News

Krabbenhøft & Ingolfsson can look back on a year in which we celebrated our 10 year anniversary in the company of friends and collaborators, in which we welcomed several talented engineers, and in which we …

An engineered Christmas party

Sandra Myrtue News

Last Friday the annual office Christmas party took place, and as tradition has it, it had an engineering theme. This year our engineers were challenged to build towers of paper and tape, that could hold …

arbejdsmiljø work environment

Work environment workshop

Sandra Myrtue News

Here at Krabbenhøft & Ingolfsson a great work environment is essential. We know that our employees are our strongest resource and the company’s success is 100% dependent on their job satisfaction and desire for development. …