structural health monitoring

Why use a
structural health monitoring system?

With the use of structural health monitoring, it is possible to gain insight in the physical state and behaviour of your structural assets. Through data collection and data analysis, our platform can visualise and create a complete overview of your constructions and their current and historical condition. Having a digital representation of the structural behaviour can be used as assistance in making the right decisions at the right time, to ensure a healthy structure, now and in the future. In summary structural health monitoring can be used to asses the current structural health, remaining life time estimations, plan maintenance, and to prevent catastrophic collapse.

How does it work?

At KI we offer a complete structural health monitoring platform covering all disciplines, including sensors, dataloggers, communication, commissioning and data storage, visualization and analysis. Our broad selection of sensors allows us to deliver physical measurements of various types, directly to the platform.
In collaboration with our structural design department we also offer experimental measurements, to deliver a test report with the measurements and insights according to your needs.

structural health monitoring

User interface

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  • Structural health monitoring software
  • Structural health monitoring software
Our user-friendly cloud monitoring platform is adapted and configured to match your needs and fit your structural assets. We can add models and drawings to represent your buildings and structures, and we can adapt the interface to match your company’s visual profile. We make sure you get the features you need - and that you won’t have to deal with the ones you don’t.


Are you interested in hearing more about what we have to offer, then contact our head of monitoring Kasper Myrtue or have a look at our brochure.


Kasper Myrtue
Head of KI Monitoring
+45 31 41 86 99