Working at KI

To work at KI means great opportunity for influence and development. We are a relatively small company with a very high professional level and short chain of command. We particularly enjoy working on special projects and projects with particular technical challenges.

We highly value proactivity and the ability to think creatively. We expect a lot from our employees, but we also care deeply about their welfare and the opportunity to fulfill their ambitions.



Job satisfaction

It is important to us that each member of the team feels valued and needed. We focus on the wellbeing of each employee both by making sure they are being challenged and have the opportunity to develop their skills - be it through interesting courses or trying out different roles in our projects.


Team Spirit

We are ambitious, but not at the cost of our colleagues. We all work together to better our projects and the company without any internal competition. We believe in idea sharing and helping each other out whenever possible. In a smaller company being a team player is essential.


Office Community

We have a strong social bond and a positive and inclusive work environment. We go on study trips and have parties. We all eat lunch together and our breaks are mostly used playing foosball.

Open positions

We are always looking for talented and ambitious engineers. If we do not have any open positions, you are always welcome to send an unsolicited application.