byens netværk

KI joins Byens Netværk

Sandra Myrtue News

We are very excited to now be part of the City Network alongside countless other Copenhagen engineers, architects, contractors and other stakeholders in the building industry. We look forward to meeting our industry colleagues at …

tilbury green power facility

From Biomass to Diesel: KI’s Groundbreaking Power Plants

Sandra Myrtue News, Theme

At KI Consulting Engineers, our passion and expertise within the power plant sector is unmatched. With extensive experience from innovative projects, we demonstrate our ability to design and optimize complex constructions that meet the highest …

Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis kursus

Robot structural analysis courses spring 2024

Sandra Myrtue Kurser, News

In collaboration with NTI, KI offers a series of courses in Robot Structural Analysis at several levels during the spring of 2024. The courses are held online by our CEO Einar Ingólfsson. Robot Structural Analysis …

Innovative parking houses: KI’s sustainable and adaptable solutions

Sandra Myrtue Theme

As the landscape of urban development evolves, the necessity for innovative, efficient, and adaptable parking solutions becomes paramount. KI Consulting Engineers, in collaboration with visionary architects and contractors, has spearheaded an inspiring series of parking …

julefrokost rådgivende ingeniører

Hidden talents revealed at this year’s engineering Christmas party

Sandra Myrtue News

Last week, KI and Optum CE could celebrate this year’s Christmas party together, which offered everything from “pakkeleg” and Christmas drinks to live music and eggs thrown from the 3rd floor.This year’s construction competition was …

dtu karrierebasar 2023 career week

Career bazaar at DTU

Sandra Myrtue News

On Tuesday, KI was present at this year’s career bazaar for SMEs at DTU’s campus in Lyngby. Frederik, Giuseppe and Mia went to talk to the students about KI’s projects and what it is like …

Ackcio gateways Senmos by KI collaboration

New technology collaboration with Ackcio

Sandra Myrtue News

 Ackcio Gateways now integrates with our data management platform Senmos, empowering users with real-time data intelligence for risk management and operational efficiency enhancement.  This partnership between Ackcio and KI Consulting Engineers represents a significant step …

temadag om psykisk arbejdsmiljø

Theme day about mental health in the workplace

Sandra Myrtue News

A healthy mental work environment is extremely important for KI. We do everything we can to prevent stress and other problems related to the well-being of our employees, but we also know that the consulting …