Emil Mads Møller konstruktionsingeniør

A warm welcome to our new structural engineer Emil

Sandra Myrtue News

We are extremely happy to be able to welcome Emil Mads Møller to our team of talented engineers. Emil has recently graduated as an engineer in building and infrastructure from The Technical University of Denmark. In connection with his thesis, Emil used OPTUM CS, the new ground-breaking concrete element software from our sister company Optum CE, and therefore contacted Optum for advice on the best way to use the program. This is how we got to know him as a skilled engineer, and when the thesis was submitted he had a place with us here at KI.

Emil’s first task has been as KI’s eyes on the construction site for a large project for a Danish pharmaceutical company, where he performs checks and updates construction drawings. Emil has settled in very well at KI and he finds it both exciting and challenging to have taken the work from theory to practice.

Great to have you on the team, Emil!