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Easter Engineering Lunch

Sandra Myrtue News

Easter lunch, or “Påskefrokost” as it is called in Danish, is an old tradition centered around plenty of food and drinks. On Friday the office gathered with “smørrebrød” (open-faced sandwiches) and other Danish classics and a great view of Nørrebro from our own kitchen. We started the night out with a fun engineering quiz. Who knows how many Danish “Round Towers” goes on one Eiffel Tower? Or how many Teslas you can buy for the price of one great belt bridge? See all questions below. All though the race was tight, a happy winner could take home the grand prize of assorted goodies.

All though many of our employees are in fact not Danish, they seemed to pick up on this old Easter favorite very quickly.


easter lunch engineering office

Engineering quiz questions:

  1. How many round towers on an Eiffel tower?
  2. How many Tesla s 70D’s can you buy (in Denmark) for the price of one great belt bridge?
  3. How many times bigger than COBE is Rambøll Denmark (in employees)?
  4. How long is the Akashi-Kaikyo bridge in japan measured in Golden gates?
  5. How many degrees was the leaning tower of pisa corrected after reconstruction work in 1990 and 2001?
  6. For how long was the Chrysler building the tallest in the world before being overtaken by the empire state building?