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KI welcomes two new partners

Sandra Myrtue News

It is with joy and pride that we welcome Pedro Deus and Nuno Martins as partners in KI. The expansion of the circle of partners is part of KI’s strategic restructuring, but just as much it is a recognition of Pedro and Nuno’s important roles and excellent work in KI.

To celebrate the event we held a reception with food, drinks and speeches. One of the speakers was our director Einar Thor Ingolfsson, who thanked the new partners for their dedication and their trust in KI as a company with both high quality and high ambitions.

To Nuno, Einar said: “You have shown yourself to be a super versatile, skilled, hard-working and forward-looking engineer – and you have never been afraid to take on a challenge. You have often suggested that KI should go after the innovative projects, and you yourself have implemented countless innovative processes and solutions in the company. You are our number 10 on the team – can do it all, as long as you get a little artistic freedom.”

To Pedro, Einar said: “It was important to you that we have a strong professional profile and that we want to move forward with the company. You are ambitious on behalf of the company, on your own behalf, but not least on behalf of your colleagues. This ambition is not just professional – but at least as much personal and with the best interests of your colleagues in mind. Your colleagues describe you as the one who looks after his team – takes the battles and ensures that the team has peace of mind. You lead by example and you lead the way.”

Congratulations to both KI, Nuno and Pedro and may the future collaboration be at least as inspiring, ambitious and fruitful as the last many years have been with you on the team.

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