Landgangen footbridge

Landgangen footbridge and boulevard

Sandra Myrtue News

Krabbenhøft & Ingolfsson won the international competition for the design of a new promenade and footbridge (“Landgangen og Havnepromenade”) connecting Esbjerg harbour with the city centre. Esbjerg has previously made temporary trial solutions, but is now ready to make the connection permanent as part of a larger plan, consisting of 10 separate projects, to unify the city and harbour.

Landgangen footbridge and boulevard in Esbjerg is a project created in a consortium together with Jorton and Valmont SM as main contractors and with COBE Architects and MOE with Krabbenhøft & Ingolfsson as engineering consultants.

Read more about the project here.

Esbjerg harbour - Landgangen footbridge
Esbjerg from above.