Silicor solar silicon plant

Steel design for Silicor’s first large-scale solar silicon plant

Sandra Myrtue News

Krabbenhøft & Ingolfsson has signed contract with MT Højgaard to deliver the complete steel design for one of the largest solar silicon manufacturers in the world – Silicor Materials, Inc. The new environmentally friendly manufacturing plant will be built in Grundartangi, Iceland and is expected to be the lowest-cost silicon plant in the world.

The new plant is the largest construction project in Iceland since the financial crisis in 2008, and will create roughly 400 new manufacturing and engineering jobs, as well as up to 100 construction positions.

Our contract includes the structural design of all steel buildings in the 121.000 square-meter production facility featuring a main structure with a length of 800 meters. The steel design will be carried out in close collaboration with MT Højgaard, who has signed a 200 million Euro contract with Silicor Materials, Inc. for the complete design and construction of the plant.

“Having prepared for this project since early 2015, we are all very excited to get started and to see this amazing plant become a reality. Particularly, we see this project as a great opportunity to strengthen our relationship with MT Højgaard and our position in the steel design industry both in Denmark and internationally“, said Einar Ingolfsson, Managing Director of Krabbenhøft & Ingolfsson.

The design process is expected to initiate in early 2016 and will be carried out in collaboration with our sister company in Iceland – New Nordic Engineering.

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