Joey Myrtue Borggren systemadministrator

Meet our talented system administrator Joey

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Joey Myrtue Borggren is KI’s system administrator, IT supporter and computer guru. He has now been with us for a good 8 months, and has made a world of difference in that time.

Before Joey was at KI, he spent several years at Egmont, where he worked with service desk and general user problems, and later networks and backups as well as day-to-day maintenance of their systems.

At KI, Joey works with general IT support and user administration and ensures that all our computers, servers and networks run as they should, but also with other important tasks such as increasing our security and reconfiguring networks and file servers so that everything runs optimally.

Getting Joey into the company has meant increased efficiency, because we now always have an expert we can go to when the computers are acting out.

A slightly belated, but nevertheless very warm welcome to Joey, who has quickly become both a natural part of everyday life at KI and not least completely indispensable.