Summer tour of the bridges of Copenhagen

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Tour bridges of Copenhagen

Last Friday was, for most of the office, the last day before summer vacation. We celebrated by taking a tour of the bridges of Copenhagen – first by boat and then by foot. In the last couple of years the habour has gotten quite a few new bridges. The newest addition was the Inner Habour Bridge or the kissing bridge, as it has been unofficially named since, designed by architects Studie Bednarski and engineers Flint & Neil. The new walking and biking bridge connects Nyhavn (New Habour) with Holmen and thereby makes it much easier to get from the Opera and the trendy Paper Island to the inner city. This bridge has been long awaited, and was in the 3 years delayed due to building errors, bankruptcy and disagreements between the involved parties.

Tour bridges of Copenhagen
Here you see the Inner Habour bridge and behind it we spotted one of our own projects: Krøyers Plads.

Not only did we walk over the newly opened bridge, we also got to see it in action, when a ship passed through and the bridge was opened. Shortly after, we got to the next bridge in line – Trangravsbroen (or the butterfly bridge), and also got to experience this 3 way bridge open one of its “legs”.

Tour bridges of Copenhagen
Here you see Trangravsbroen opening.

We ended the evening at Copenhagen Streetfood, where a lot of time was spend discussing the different construction solutions of the newest bridges of Copenhagen.

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