T-Pylon structural steel design awards 2017 winner

T-Pylon wins at the Structural Steel Design Awards 2017

Sandra Myrtue News

For the second time this week we can announce that the T-Pylon has won an award – this time at the Structural Steel Design Awards 2017. The objective of the Structural Steel Design Awards is to celebrate the excellence of the United Kingdom in the field of steel construction, particularly demonstrating its potential in terms of efficiency, cost effectiveness, aesthetics, sustainability and innovation. The Awards are open to steel based structures situated in the United Kingdom or overseas that have been built by UK or Irish steelwork contractors.

Krabbenhøft and Ingolfsson has carried out the complete engineering development of the T-Pylon, from initial conceptual design to assistance with manufacturing and mechanical testing of the structures. The engineering development includes load determination and structural design, structural steel work detailing, 3D modelling and creation of structural design drawings and specifications, design of GRP substructure and design of cast components.

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T-pylon overhead power lines engineering


Judges’ comments

“The T-Pylon represents a generational step change in power transmission hardware. Analytical design from first principles included re-examination of arrangements for insulation and maintenance.”

“The result is a family of compact pylons which can be deployed in sensitive landscapes, with prefabrication enabling consistent finish, smaller land take and speedy erection.”

“This is a steelwork design classic.”

The judging criteria for the Structural Steel Design Awards

Structural Engineering:

  • Benefits achieved by using steel construction
  • Efficiency of design, fabrication and erection
  • Skill and workmanship
  • Integration of structure and services to meet architectural requirements
  • Efficiency and effectiveness of fire and corrosion protection
  • Innovation of design, build and manufacturing technique

Planning and Architecture:

  • Satisfaction of client’s brief, particularly cost effectiveness
  • Environmental impact
  • Architectural excellence
  • Durability
  • Adaptability for changing requirements through its life
  • Efficiency of the use and provision of services
  • Conservation of energy


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