søren madsen thomas reng

Two new skilled engineers join the forces

Sandra Myrtue News

At the beginning of this month we had the pleasure of welcoming the two engineers Søren Madsen and Thomas Reng to our team.

Søren is our new concrete expert with years of experience working on projects such as residential and industrial buildings in the new northern quarter of Copenhagen. Apart from starting work on one of our Icelandic projects in Reykjavik, Søren will also be working in close collaboration with our sister company OptumCE. He will be working on their new concrete element calculation software and adding his expertise in the field to theirs.

Thomas is especially well-versed when it comes to construction, reinforcement and verification of bridges and tunnels and thereby fits right in to several of our specialties. Most recently he has been working as a construction manager on the East African Crude Oil Pipeline as well as on the reinforcement and adaptation of the Limfjord bridge in Aalborg here in Denmark. With all his experience Thomas will be a strong addition to our structural design team.