Happy New Years from Krabbenhøft & Ingolfsson

A new year

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Happy New Years from all of us at Krabbenhøft & Ingolfsson engineering consultancy.

The past year has been an eventful year for us. We have started many exciting projects for clients in Denmark and abroad. For some of our projects, construction began in 2017, while other have been completed during the year. All in all, you can see our projects all around Denmark.


Here is a brief review of some of our projects from the past year.



Strandholmen is the name of a new apartment area in Amager. Situated in the eastern part of Amager it faces Øresund and has the ocean and the Amager Strandpark in close proximity. The complex, consists of six buildings, named after six different birds that exist on Amager. Krabbenhøft & Ingolfsson assisted with the design and 3D modelling of the balconies, on which the inhabitants of the new can enjoy the courtyards and gardens in the area as well as the ocean view out towards Øresund.

Strandholmen balcony render, from our engineering consultancy Strandholmen balcony finished, from our engineering consultancy
From rendering to the finished product. This is one of the projects we have seen through in all of 2017. We are very pleased now to see the balconies mounted and ready for the new residents of Strandholmen in the Spring of 2018.



The main part of the footbridge in Esbjerg, Landgangen, started building on April 7th, 2016. 16 months later the project was completed, and the bridge was opened on August 9th with a great inauguration.

Congratulations to the city of Esbjerg for their new characteristic landmark bridge.

Now we look forward to the construction and inaugration of the remaining section of the bridge in 2018. This includes a bascular section across Toldbodvej and a demountable section on the harbour.


Parking house Herlev

Heading over to the eastern part of Denmark, the Herlev Hospital project has been joined with a new parking house to accommodate the hospitals new facilities and added demand. Construction began during the fall of 2017 and completion is scheduled for early 2017. For more pictures of the finished project, head over to the project page.

Construction site of the parking house - the rough steel framework erected
Construction status at September 2017.


Copenhagen Airport Terminal 2 and Pier E

Copenhagen Airport is expanding greatly, and we have been a part of the big construction project throughout 2017. Our range of engineering consultancy had us involved in two parts of the project. Firstly, we have carried through detail-design of the steel structure between Pier A and Pier B in Terminal 2. Secondly, we have assisted Give Stålspær with their construction of the brand new Pier E. You can read more about it on our project page.

CPH Airport Terminal 2 expansionThe new Pier E and Copenhagen Airpot, when completed
Visualizations of the new expanded Terminal 2 and the walkway in Pier E.


SiteCover Nørredybet

2017 has been an eventful year for SiteCover and we have worked on several fascinating projects. One of these was Nørredybet in the northern part of Denmark. We also worked on a SiteCover construction in Baltorpvej, north of Copenhagen.

We look forward to seeing more SiteCover structures being designed and constructed in 2018.

Constructed sitecover Nørredybet
The SiteCover construction in 4 x 4 modules for the Nørredybet project.


GreenGo solar panels

Another type of construction Krabbenhøft & Ingolfsson worked on, were the solar panels for GreenGo Energy. The main task was to minimize cost of the solar panels’. Therefore, we then did the main design of the whole supporting structure of the solar panels. Starting by arranging the panels on the structure, we could then optimize the use of steel in the construction to carry the panels. Optimizing the solar panel supporting structures, we could minimize use of steel.

Have a closer look at this project, for more pictures and details on this project.

Concept drawing GreenGo constructionGreenGo solarpanel finished


Hella houses

In the village of Hella in the southern part of Iceland, we have designed new type of residental houses made of structural steel and sandwich panels. Another type of construction project within our engineering consultancy, the new building type reduces the construction time and therefore project cost. Construction is scheduled for early 2018.


Hella houses in Iceland, designed for reduced construction time and costHella houses in Iceland, designed for reduced construction time and costHella houses in Iceland, designed for reduced construction time and cost


New office

Despite all our great projects, the highlight of the year was in the beginning of october, when we moved from our beloved office at Thorsgade to the brand new location at Hejrevej.

We have settled in well, and are very exited for our inspiring new office space.

engineering office copenhagen


Looking back

Looking back at 2017, it has been a very eventful year. We started the year off in January, with the introduction of two new partners to the team, Allan René Vinther and Jørgen Torndal. Coming from slightly different backgrounds, Allan and Jørgen have both brought along experience, technical knowledge and a lot of value to our clients as well as the team at the office. We are happy to have them on board and celebrate their first year in the team.

Despite all our great projects, the highlight of the year was our move in the beginning of October. The new office space offers a new refreshing working environment and allows the company to continue its growth.

We concluded the year with our annual Christmas lunch – this time at Grøften in Tivoli, with traditional Danish food and beverages.


In 2018, we will continue to improve ourselves as engineers and consultants and we will work proactively towards a better implementation of our core values in our everyday business. From a management point of view, we will work towards ISO certification of our quality management system. In general, we will work on strengthening our internal project procedures. At Krabbenhøft & Ingolfsson engineering consultancy, we believe that communication is the key to success. We will listen with the intent to understand and we will actively seek feedback from our clients to understand how we can improve our skills and services.

All of us at Krabbenhøft & Ingolfsson, want to thank everyone we have worked with for making 2017 a great year and we wish everyone a Happy New Year filled with prosperity and success.



Media credit: Krabbenhøft & Ingolfsson, TV SYD, Copenhagen Airport, ZESO Architects and Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects.