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A warm welcome to Svend Broholm

Sandra Myrtue News

In December, we were delighted to welcome Svend Broholm as KI’s first senior assistant. Svend is a structural engineer and expert in concrete and geotechnics, and throughout his career he has worked for several of Denmark’s largest engineering companies. He has designed everything from commercial buildings in Ørestaden and high-rise buildings in Nuuk to sewage treatment plants in Peru, and the experience he brings to KI is invaluable.

At KI, Svend contributes as an expert on our concrete projects, but he also acts as a supervisor for some of our younger engineers, who benefit from his extensive experience with Danish standards, building practices and procedures.

Svend already knew a lot about KI, as during his time at Rambøll he has worked together with several of our senior engineers, and even though he retired, he kept his network and professional curiosity. In his own words, he was attracted by “the exciting projects, the international environment and the obvious focus on employee care”, so when he was asked to come by for “a cup of coffee and a chat”, he couldn’t say no. We are incredibly happy to have Svend on the team, and he already fits in perfectly.