Jingyuan Wang

Meet our new construction engineer – welcome to Yuan

Sandra Myrtue News

We recently had the pleasure of welcoming Jingyuan Wang as the newest member of our team of talented structural engineers. Yuan comes from China and studied in the UK. She holds a Bachelor of Civil Engineering from the University of Liverpool and a Master of Structural Engineering from Imperial College. Since then, she has primarily worked with offshore constructions, first in London and then in Dubai. Now she is ready to try her hand with Denmark and with a completely different branch of engineering.

While Yuan has previously worked extensively in geotechnics, at KI she will work with constructions in both steel and concrete. Her first tasks are on the expansion of the production facilities for a major Danish pharmaceutical company. She is very much looking forward to getting started with the tasks and being able to use some of all the theoretical knowledge she has from her studies.

Yuan has already settled in well, and is well engaged in the company’s unofficial chess club. We are extremely happy to have her on the team.