New young talent joins the team after several years as student assistant

Sandra Myrtue News

At the beginning of October, we welcomed Madeleine Durieux Rostrup-Nielsen on board as a fully trained civil engineer after 3 years as student assistant at KI.

Madeleine completed her thesis in September from DTU Mechanical Engineering with an impressive top grade despite the challenges and limitations she got along the way due to Corona restrictions. In her thesis, she examined the force of waves on cylinders and the errors that the existing calculation model, Morison’s model, gives under certain circumstances. Using methods taken from economics, she developed, in collaboration with her professor and a PhD student, a statistical model that could represent the error made by Morison’s equation. The new model can provide more realistic force time-series for making fatigue calculations.

As student assistant, Madeleine helped i.a. with developing internal documents, testing software and assisting on projects. In her first project as an engineer, she is now working on a large concrete element project, which KI is working on in collaboration with Optum CE among others. This is the first major project where we use the new groundbreaking concrete element program OPTUM CS from the very beginning.

We at KI are excited that Madeleine has chosen to start her career with us, and we are of course proud of the great thesis result she has achieved.

Welcome Madeleine!