elektromagnetiske dæmpere

KI welcomes another talented former student worker as full member of our engineering team

Sandra Myrtue News

We are super proud of our former student assistant Mikki Goltermann Graffmann, who this summer graduated from DTU with an impressive top grade for his thesis and was thus promoted to full-blown engineer at KI.

Mikki Goltermann Graffmann, structural engineer.

Mikki’s thesis “Damping of cables by electromagnetic dampers” was a study of whether and how electromagnets can be used for adaptive damping of cables on, for example, bridges depending on the weather conditions. The results of the experiments in the thesis showed that there is a great connection between theory and practice. In combination with structural health monitoring, an electromagnetic damping system could potentially be controlled digitally from an external computer and, in contrast to for example a classic viscose damper, be adapted to several different factors.

Experimental set-up from Mikki’s thesis.

During his time as a student assistant, Mikki has drawn on his experience as a former carpenter and had great responsibility for several renovation projects. In his new role, he will initially work with Finite Element modeling and classification of road signs in Abaqus, and after the summer holidays he will also be associated with one of the larger projects that KI is currently involved in. We are happy that Mikki has chosen to start his engineering career with us, and we wish him congratulations and a warm welcome as an fully fledged member of the team.