KI’s newest construction engineer is a familiar face

Sandra Myrtue News

We are happy to welcome Mads Grunnan to the team as a full-time engineer after almost 2 years as a junior engineer here at KI. In February, Mads completed his master’s degree from DTU (Technical University of Denmark) with the thesis “Foundation design methods of 1-family houses”.

A sustainable approach to foundation design

In his thesis, Mads investigated new methods for casting foundations for 1-family houses with a focus on better engineering solutions, which could potentially lead to less material consumption and thus CO2 emissions. In his work, he went in depth investigating the applicable norms and mapping the process that is most commonly used today. What motivated him in particular, was the fact that today foundations are over-dimensioned because there are no consequences other than higher costs for materials. His proposal included, among other things, a more dynamic process and more collaboration between structural engineers and geotechnicians. More precise soil models and sparring between the parties could make the need for the currently very large margin of safety far smaller.

A good place to get the career startet

Mads is excited to be able to start his career in a company like KI, because here he gets the opportunity to try his hand at many different projects and tasks as part of a both skilled and ambitious team. ”I am never far from a person, that can teach me a lot. The engineers here are highly competent, specialized in many different disciplines and always happy to help me further if I get stuck.” he says.

At the same time, we at KI are happy that such an ambitious and skilled engineer has chosen to stay here with us, and that he has confidence that KI is a place where he can develop professionally and be allowed to influence his own career.

Power pylons and AI

Mads’ first tasks are within infrastructure, where he has now joined several power pylon projects. Among other things. the further development of our T-Pylon as well as a whole new family of pylons, which are also being developed for the UK power grid. In addition, he is part of our new AI working group, which is working on implementing artificial intelligence in our work. The purpose of the group is first and foremost to find out how AI can be used to optimize processes and open up new opportunities.

A warm welcome to the team, Mads!