tilbury green power facility

From Biomass to Diesel: KI’s Groundbreaking Power Plants

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At KI Consulting Engineers, our passion and expertise within the power plant sector is unmatched. With extensive experience from innovative projects, we demonstrate our ability to design and optimize complex constructions that meet the highest …

Innovative parking houses: KI’s sustainable and adaptable solutions

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As the landscape of urban development evolves, the necessity for innovative, efficient, and adaptable parking solutions becomes paramount. KI Consulting Engineers, in collaboration with visionary architects and contractors, has spearheaded an inspiring series of parking …

Vandkulturhuset Papirøen VAP byggeplads stålkonstruktion KI

Construction site visit to the Water Culture House Papirøen

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Last week, all of KI had the pleasure of being able to visit our project the Water culture house Papirøen, which is currently under construction here in Copenhagen . Kim Petersson and Bill Jensen from …

IKEA København åbning

IKEA CPH grand opening

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August 16th 2023 IKEA Copenhagen opened its doors to the public. The project has been a long time coming, but with its beautiful open architecture and formidable location in the city, it has been worth …