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From Biomass to Diesel: KI’s Groundbreaking Power Plants

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At KI Consulting Engineers, our passion and expertise within the power plant sector is unmatched. With extensive experience from innovative projects, we demonstrate our ability to design and optimize complex constructions that meet the highest demands for specialized equipment. Our experience extends from biomass-fired plants to advanced diesel power plants, where we have used our technical skills to create sustainable, efficient solutions.

Hooton Bio Power Plant

Location: Birkenhead, United Kingdom
Built: 2017-18

On this project, KI Consulting Engineers designed all structures and foundations for the main buildings, including buildings for fuel handling, boiler building, waste reservoir, turbine building and electrical annex. Located south of Liverpool, UK, the facility processes approximately 240,000 tonnes of waste from local landfill sites annually and generates 200 GWh of electricity - enough to power 50,000 homes. This initiative is part of a wider strategy to reduce CO2 emissions and energy costs in the UK, making Hooton the largest incinerator in the country.

hooton biomass power plant
hooton bio power plant structural model steel
hooton bio power plant structural model concrete

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Tilbury Green Power Facility

Location: Tilbury, United Kingdom
Established: 2017

Tilbury Green Power Facility is a 40 MW power plant in Tilbury, UK, powered by the combustion of waste wood. It processes approximately 285,000 tonnes of waste wood annually, helping to reduce waste in London, and generating approx. 300 GWh of green electricity annually - enough to supply 80,000 homes. KI Consulting Engineers' role included the design of foundations for the steam turbine, including a full vibration analysis to ensure that dynamic loads from the mechanical equipment did not exceed the manufacturer's limits.

tilbury green power facility

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Snetterton Renewable
Energy Plant

Location: Norwich, United Kingdom
Established: 2017

Snetterton Renewable Energy Plant is a biomass-fired power plant in the east of England that primarily uses locally produced straw and has a capacity of 44.2 MW. The facility supplies 82,000 households with energy and reduces annual CO2 emissions by 300,000 tonnes. KI's contribution included the design of all steel structures for the power plant's main buildings as well as the structural design of the steam turbine foundation with a comprehensive vibration analysis. The project was developed in collaboration with leading British and Danish energy companies, based on Danish energy technology.

Snetterton renewable energy power plant
snetterton renewable energy kraftværk
snetterton renewable energy kraftværk

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Brigg Renewable
Energy Plant

Location: Lincolnshire, United Kingdom
Established: 2016

Brigg Renewable Energy Plant is a straw-fired power plant in the UK with a capacity of 40 MW, primarily powered by locally grown straw. KI Consulting Engineers' role included quality assurance of steel structures for the power plant's main buildings and design of concrete foundations. The project involved a comprehensive vibration analysis for both the steam turbine and the boiler foundation, ensuring that dynamic loads from the mechanical equipment did not exceed limits.

Brigg Renewable Energy Plant
Brigg Renewable Energy Plant
Brigg Renewable Energy Plant

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Cramlington Biomass

Location: Cramlington, United Kingdom
Established: 2017

For the Cramlington Biomass project in the UK, KI Consulting Engineers developed the foundation design for an above-ground steam pipe connection that transports excess heat to two nearby factories. The project involved a transition from original point foundations to bored piles, which made installation easier and more cost-effective. This design was adapted to the specific needs of the pipe connection, which spans several kilometres, and included a range of foundation types adapted to the varied soils.

Cramlington biomass power plant
fundamentdesign Cramlington Biomass
fundamentdesign Cramlington Biomass

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Zouk and Jiyeh
diesel power plants

Location: Beirut, Lebanon
Listed: 2013-16

The project Zouk and Jiyeh diesel power plants in Beirut, Lebanon, involved KI Consulting Engineers in the design of steel structures for the power plant in Zouk and the electrical annex buildings in both Zouk and Jiyeh. The project included steel details and a complete seismic design, since the power plants are located in an earthquake zone. KI's role also included the design of steel and concrete as well as inspection of steel mills before shipping of steel sections.

Zouk jiyeh power plant
diesel power plant
Zouk jiyeh diesel power plant